The Adspace audience is measured by Nielsen, generating a TV-equivalent impression.

  • 86% of traffic noticed the Smart Screens.
  • The average number of impressions per person is 4.40, based on DPAA standards.
  • The average visitor that noticed the Smart Screens spent 95 minutes in the mall.
  • Awareness of the average commercial on the Smart Screens was 35% of viewers.

The Nielsen On Location Methodology:

Nielsen On Location provides an independent measurement of exposures, demographic, and qualitative data for screens in various venues across the U.S.  Nielsen’s integrated approach to this measurement combines traffic or transaction data with demographic and qualitative data. The type of transaction/traffic data varies by venue, therefore, methodology for collection of traffic/transaction data requires a custom approach designed specifically by venue.  Nielsen uses Scarborough Syndicated Mall Traffic Data for all Mall Video Networks.  Nielsen conducted on-site, in-person interviews and subcontracted on-site interviewing to local field services who received briefings and specific written instructions from Nielsen staff. Data collected in the custom surveys consisted minimally of questions regarding the respondent s’ dwell time in the venue, notice  rate, and demographics. Respondents not meeting age requirements and site employees were not interviewed. 

Nielsen IMS Clear Decisions