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The Verge and Polygon Announce Content Partnership with Adspace

Article from Vox Media. Today, The Verge, Vox Media’s consumer technology network, and Polygon, Vox Media’s next generation culture network, are thrilled to announce a new premium content partnership with Adspace, the country’s largest digital out-of-home video network, to bring authoritative, short form editorial videos on tech and gaming to more than 300 malls across […]

Outdoor Advertising Braced for its Programmatic Moment

Article by Digiday. Outdoor ads are tipped to be the next medium brands buy in real time as more billboards go digital. But the promise of programmatic remains a work in progress for the sector, despite taking on more of the characteristics inherent in digital advertising. The growing digitization of billboards and the subsequent shift […]

Billboards — yes, billboards — are having a heyday in a digital world.

Article by Recode. It’s the era of internet advertising. The era of targeting that tracks you across browsers, platforms and across the city. The era of apps that know what you want before you do. But surprisingly, a seemingly retro ad format — outdoor advertising — is also having its heyday. Ads on billboards, buses […]

Digital Tech Lights a Fire Under Out-of-Home Advertising

Article from AdAge. Pedestrians in New York’s trendy Soho neighborhood took a test they didn’t sign up for during Fashion Week this August. Digital billboards for New Balance studied people by camera as they approached, then applied AI to decide whether they were wearing typical outfits—or something remarkable enough to highlight live on-screen, accompanied by […]

How to De-Mystify Digital Out of Home

As technological advancements and big data change the ability of legacy media to compete in the new ecosystem, we are finding that digital out of home (DOOH) is becoming a competitive option for advertisers and brands. But how does one overcome old mindsets, ingrained buying prejudices and still-to-be-solved challenges in this space? That was the focus of a recent Advertising Club panel titled De-Mystifying Digital Out of Home. From the agency side, Andea Campbell, Partner and Director, Analytics & Insights, MEC and from the platform side, Ian Mirmelstein, Senior Vice President, Digital Engagement, AdSpace Networks shared their views on the opportunities, challenges and future of DOOH./

This Startup Offers Advertisers An Out-Of-Home Answer For Ad Blockers

Check out how Adspace is utilizing Mira’s crowd analytics solution to optimize creative messaging & maximize efficiencies for their advertisers.

Racked: The Case for the American Mall

Malls aren’t dying. They’re changing.

CNBC: Cramer: We’ve got retail all wrong — time to bury the ‘death of the mall’ story

Brick-and-mortars, which once seemed like zombies, once again have a pulse.

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