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Adspace Networks hires Senior Vice President of Marketing

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Former Us Weekly marketing lead, Heawon Yoo, joins Adspace with a decorated background in integrated marketing spanning the agency world to top-notch entertainment brands. Ms. Yoo is an integrated marketing specialist with over 20 years of experience. Her career began on the agency side, spending 10 years at major NYC agencies including BBDO and Deutsch […]

Adspace Announces New CEO

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Adspace, which owns and operates Adspace Networks, the largest digital place-based video network in the country, today announces the appointment of Greg Glenday as Chief Executive Officer. Glenday, a seasoned executive with experience across a wide variety of media platforms, will oversee the day-to-day leadership of the company.

Vistar Media Debuts Digital OOH Marketplace that Blends Automation and Customization

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Marketplace Deals, says Vistar in a press release, allows out-of-home media owners like Adspace, Captivate, Clear Channel Outdoor, Lamar, TouchTunes and ZOOM Media to “highlight the value of their unique inventory directly to digital buyers” and on the flip side lets media owners maintain control and transparency over the buy.

Vistar Media Unveils Digital Out-of-Home Deals

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New York: Vistar Media, a technology company bridging the space between advertising ecosystems, consumer movement patterns and purchase behavior, today announced the launch of Marketplace Deals, allowing buyers and sellers to create private marketplace deals for digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns through the Vistar platform.

Nielsen Launches TV DMP; Vistar Media Launches Private Marketplace

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“Giving media owners (like Clear Channel, Lamar, Adspace, and others) a way to merchandise their inventory and provide custom packages tailored to the needs of self-service buyers brings OOH one step closer to having all of the programmatic capabilities of online advertising”, Michael Provenzano, co-founder and CEO, Vistar Media, tells ExchangeWire.

Vistar Media Launches Private Marketplace Deals For DOOH

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Marketplace Deals allows out-of-home media owners like Adspace, Lamar, TouchTunes, ZOOM Media, and others to maintain control and transparency while still taking advantage of the efficiency of transacting automatically through the Vistar platform.

Vistar Media Launches Private Marketplace Deals for Digital Out-of-Home

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“We continue to see high-interest from digital & programmatic teams for an automated means to access our unique inventory, tailored to a brand’s specific audience targeting needs,” said Ian Mirmelstein, Senior Vice President, Digital Engagement, Adspace. “Vistar’s digital-out-of-home PMP will provide the seamless execution and accurate, real-time reporting that these buyers are accustomed to; a […]

How to De-Mystify Digital Out of Home

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As technological advancements and big data change the ability of legacy media to compete in the new ecosystem, we are finding that digital out of home (DOOH) is becoming a competitive option for advertisers and brands. But how does one overcome old mindsets, ingrained buying prejudices and still-to-be-solved challenges in this space? That was the focus of a recent Advertising Club panel titled De-Mystifying Digital Out of Home. From the agency side, Andea Campbell, Partner and Director, Analytics & Insights, MEC and from the platform side, Ian Mirmelstein, Senior Vice President, Digital Engagement, AdSpace Networks shared their views on the opportunities, challenges and future of DOOH./

How DOOH network operator Adspace uses data to target shoppers in malls (Media Village)

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“Advertising on our screens is similar to re-targeting or intender cookie pools online. In the digital world, every advertiser is competing for the consumer who has been to their website or shown a behavior that indicates purchase intent, because that visitor is more likely to purchase. So, too, are visitors to a mall indicating their purchasing intent.”

Adspace Networks’ Ian Mirmelstein on Targeting “Decision Making Moments”

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Ian Mirmelstein chats with Media Village about his new role & initiative – how he’s leading the transformation of Adspace into a digital & programmatic vehicle.

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