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Adspace Networks Enlists SessionM to Gain Insights on Consumer Awareness, Recall, Intent

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NEW YORK, July 29, 2016– Adspace Networks, Inc., which owns and operates Adspace Mall Networks, the largest digital place-based video network in the country, announced today that it has begun working with SessionM to gain detailed insights into consumer awareness, recall and purchase intent among those who have seen ads on the Adspace network of […]

ScreenMedia Daily: Adspace Partners with SessionM to Track Recall and Purchase Intent

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Case Studies Demonstrate Impact of Video Ads in Shopping Malls to Gauge Consumer Awareness, Recall, and Intent

Racked: The Case for the American Mall

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Malls aren’t dying. They’re changing.

CNBC: Cramer: We’ve got retail all wrong — time to bury the ‘death of the mall’ story

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Brick-and-mortars, which once seemed like zombies, once again have a pulse.

Adspace’s Programmatic Efforts Help Record Revenue Growth

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Can programmatic DOOH ad buying increase revenue? Adspace Mall Networks thinks it does.
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